Taboo Meets Times Up!

In Times Up! players divide into teams, and select cards from an included deck of famous people and works of media. After each player selects several cards the cards are shuffled together players attempt in three rounds to get their teammates to guess cards in a still similar to many other guessing games. In each round the same cards are used, but restrictions increase on player method. In Round 1 each player gets 30 seconds, and may say or do anything they like, other than say the word to be guessed. In Round 2 players receive 60 seconds, may only use 1 word, but still may do anything they like. In Round 3 players receive 60 seconds, and may use no words. Cards are rotated between teams, and each round lasts until every card in the deck has been used.

For several months I’ve been playing a sort of DIY version of the party game Time’s Up!. In this version each player writes either 4-5 cards, each with a proper noun excluding place names. This variant allows for each game to be unique.

On top of this DIY version Tim and I have added several more restrictions to the first two rounds and to the card creation portion. Players were given prompt cards that contained a category. Categories included: Asian country, NHL player, NBA team, flower, author, etc. Under each category were a list of 5 prominent members of that category. Players were then told to write a card for each category, but not write any of the prominent members included on the card. Players were told to also include the category on the card, and were not allowed to say the category in Rounds 1 & 2.

The game received mixed reviews. Everyone who had played the previous DIY version preferred the version with fewer restrictions. If our new version were to work, players suggested a shorter list of restricted members on each card. Players also suggested that Rounds 1 & 2 last 60 seconds, and Round 3 last 30. They felt this bring the game to a better balance of intensity throughout the rounds.

If we were to make another attempt at this version I think we would include fewer restricted members as player suggested. I would also change timing, but would perhaps make all rounds 60 seconds.

A link to Tim’s post on this game will be added shortly.


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